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Thursday, March 09, 2006

The Cairo Mock trial Of Bush and Sharon

Here is a partial transcript of the Mock Trial of Bush, Blair and Sharon that was held in Egypt and organized by the Union of Arab Lawyers, and was supposed to be attended by Goerge Galloway , but he was denied entry to the country (hehe). Here is the opening statement: The bureau of the Union of Arab Lawyers has decided to convene this popular international trial. Why a popular trial? In order to reflect the helplessness and feebleness of the official Arab regimes, just like the official world order.


I believe that it is our duty to remember the millions of dead, throughout the world, who sacrificed their lives in defense of truth, justice, and peace, and especially the martyrs of the Arab and Islamic nation in Palestine, Iraq, and the rest of the Arab [world]. I ask you to stand for a moment of silence in their memory, and in protest against the Zionist Western power, operating against Islam and the Muslims.

You can imagine how objective of a trial this is going to be. Now here is an idea Union of Arab Lawyers: How about you try Hosny Mubarak for what he did to Egypt, or Saddam Hussein for his crimes? What? Too sensitive? Then how about you try Nasser for his crimes against Egypt? What, he didn't commit any? How about removing Muhammed Naguib, suspension of human and political rights, abolishing property rights, squandering Egypt's fortune, kicking the egyptian jewish population out of Egypt, throwing thousands in gulags, starting wars that killed tens of thousands of Egyptians for his own personal glory, and-my personal favorite- having the egyptian intelligence agency train Yasser Arafat, Muammer Qhaddafi, Hafez Al Assad and Saddam Hussein to be his straw men in their countries so he can be the President of the United States of Arabia? I mean, can you imagine that the crimes committed by those 4 leaders wouldn't have been committed if it wasn't for him training and funding them? Doesn't that make him responsible for destroying not just his own, but 4 other arab countries, not to mention the wars that were sufferd in Jordan, Lebanon, Iran, Kuwait and Saudi because of those assholes he trained? Why aren't you trying him again? Hmm... Honestly, the day the egyptian people realize what a piece of shit Nasser was and stop glorifying the man who ruined this country and countless others, is the day I will believe there is hope for us yet!


At 3/09/2006 02:15:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

"....who sacrificed their lives in defence of truth, justice and peace ....." only a moslem lawyer could make a statement like that without choking on the absolute hypocricy. It makes those who died sound like they were the allies fighting against the forces of evil during WW2. btw forces of evil isn't a religious concept just fact. Will there be a fatwah proclaimed against the defense counsel? Who will pay the legal costs? Will Judge Judy be on the bench as advertised? Will Hamas' next suicide bombers be allowed to give evidence(think about it)Is the court run on jurisprudence or Sharia? What if the defendants are acquitted(lol)? I didn't see the ad for Cairo Comedy Central but this has to be the best show yet BW48.

At 3/09/2006 06:49:00 AM, Blogger EducSubNorm said...

Once a lawyer ...
Stanley L. Cohen American human rights lawyer, who is at the centre of all this, markets himself as a fearless warrior for the underdog, yet enjoys all the freedom and privs of passport and residence in NY USA.

Well I suppose if you're looking for someone who REALLY KNOWS ABOUT DOUBLE STANDARDS then Stanley L. Cohen is your man.

At 3/09/2006 08:37:00 AM, Blogger Prup (aka Jim Benton) said...

The mention of the 'martyrs' in Iraq and Palestine reminds me that the Qur'an imposes a punishment on someone who kills a believer by accident. The first remedy is to 'free a believing slave.' Since, I'm sure to the displeasure of some Muslims in some countries, there is a scarcity of slaves around these days, they are required to fast for two months.

At 3/09/2006 09:38:00 AM, Blogger waterdragon52 said...

Although this little conference isn't getting the advance attention that the Iranian thug-in-chief's planned Holocaust denial festival is getting, it's really as dangerous and pernicious, especially because of the westerners involved, including Saddam's erstwhile lawyer and full-time conspiracy theory nut, Ramsey Clark.

Sandy: I wish your blog got the same kind of notice that Wafa Sultan's brava bearding of that Islamist doctor on Al Jazeerah TV did. You certainly also speak truth to power.

At 3/09/2006 02:15:00 PM, Anonymous Peter-Australia said...

Nothing like a good old kangaroo court. I would like to know who is the lucky lawyer who gets to represents the defendants? I bet he works hard at not defending too well.


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