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Sunday, January 23, 2005

Al-Zarqawi : Democracy is evil!

Speaking of the Iraqi elections, i just stumbeld upon this on yahoo news. Apparently Al-Zarqawi has been following the footsteps of his mentor Bin Ladin and released his own audiotape outlining his views. What are his views you may ask? Ehh, that democracy is evil and that participating in it makes you an Infidel. No, I am not Joking! A speaker purporting to be Iraq's most feared terror leader declared a "fierce war" on democracy and said in an audiotape posted Sunday on the Web that the Americans were using next weekend's Iraqi elections to install the Shiites in power. "We have declared a fierce war on this evil principle of democracy and those who follow this wrong ideology," said the speaker, who identified himself as Abu Musab al-Zarqawi, head of the al-Qaida affiliate in Iraq. "Anyone who tries to help set up this system is part of it." The speaker said candidates running in the Jan. 30 elections are "demi-idols" and those who vote for them "are infidels." U.S. and Iraqi officials fear insurgent attacks and have announced massive security measures to protect voters. And if democracy isn't the kind of thing that scare you, nor do you see the link between voting for your government and Idolatry, well, Al Zarqawi has some bigotry all lined up for ya. "You have to be careful of the enemy's plan to implement so-called democracy in your country," he added. He said the Americans have engineered the election "to make Shiites dominate the regime in Iraq. Four million Shiites were brought from Iran to take part in the elections to achieve their aim of winning" most of the positions. Not scared yet? What? You should be! Let Abu Musab explain why you should be scared! Break it down for them Abu: He said the Shiites aim to "begin spreading their evil faith among people through money and fear" and that in a few years they will take over Baghdad and Sunni areas of central and northern Iraq. See, that's why you should be scared, cause the Shiite Muslims will have a chance to spread their "Evil Faith"! Shiite Muslim= Evil! How can he make it any simpler or clearer for you people? By the way.... Did anyone else notice that this man actually declared Islam to be an evil Faith? Helloooo! Is anybody home over there? Anyone paying attention? The speaker said democracy was based on un-Islamic beliefs and behaviors such as freedom of religion, rule of the people, freedom of expression, separation of religion and state, forming political parties and majority rule. Very Bad Things. Rule of the people sure is evil and dangerous and freedom of expression... don't even get me started on freedom of expression! Just imagine people expressing themselves freely.*Shudder* Evil I tell ya! EVIL! He said that freedom of expression is allowed "even cursing God. This means that there is nothing sacred in democracy." He said Islam requires the rule of God and not the rule of "the majority or the people." Actually, part of the islamic religion is the tradition of "Shura" and it basically means doing what the majority of muslims agree upon. Prophet Mohamed actually emphasized that concept when he was alive and was implemented by Islamic rulers after his death. "Shura" is an islamic sunni concept and tradition Abu Musab, and it requires the rule of the majority of people. It's what the word means you idiot. And as for y'all insurgency supporters, please take a good look. This is what you are supporting! Makes you feel all warm and fuzzy inside doesn't it?


At 1/23/2005 07:55:00 AM, Blogger Louise said...

Oh well then!! Allah has spoken through his chosen one. We better all do a 180 degree and rush back to the 7th century.

Good morning to you, Sandmonkey!! How are things on your side of the world, aside from not being the morning any more?

At 1/23/2005 09:02:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

Good morning to you Louise. All is well over here on my end. Cairo is empty because people are still enjoying their Eid holiday and traffic is almost nonexistant, which makes me mucho happy! Too bad the traffic will return this week, but what can you do?

Ohh yeah, i have left you a shout out (and a hinted proposal)in my latest post. Check it out!

At 1/23/2005 11:10:00 AM, Blogger Kat said...

Who made you say that? Shaetan? LOL

At 1/23/2005 09:15:00 PM, Blogger Leap Frog said...

So unbelievable!
He said Islam requires the rule of God and not the rule of "the majority or the people."

Seriously this is too sickenly like Hitler's line of thinking. I'm reading the same thing here in him. He's a serious danger to anyone who's not prepared to be submissive to him.
And a bullet is so cheap.



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