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Thursday, February 17, 2005

Coming to America

Dear everyone, I will be arriving to the USA this weekend. I will be there for 2 weeks. One week i will be in boston. The other week i will be in cleveland taking care of my mom post-op. During that time i shall have access to the internet via my girlfriend's computer or my motehr's laptop in the hotelroom, so i will keep you posted and keep posting. This won't be a hiatus, but i have to warn you it might get kinda slow. However, if you are in the states and around the New york or boston or cleveland area and want to say hi or get a drink or something, feel free to e-mail me and we should be able to figure something out. ok? Peace Sam, The Sandmonkey ps: I apologize for not mentioning much about my mom those past weeks, despite the number of you who keep asking me abouyt it. I feel bad, but i have decided for slightly paranoid reasons that i shouldn't talk a lot about my mom and her condition out of fear that it might help some government goon identify her and thereby identifying me. I don't wanna cause her or my family any harm by doing what i do, you know?


At 2/17/2005 01:55:00 PM, Blogger Tina said...

How great Sam, I only wish you were coming out west a little closer to Phoenix.

You tell your mom we'll all be praying for her.

At 2/17/2005 08:57:00 PM, Blogger Mike H. said...

Ditto the prayers.

At 2/18/2005 08:06:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Good luck

At 2/18/2005 03:31:00 PM, Blogger Josie said...

Yay! I'm so glad you finally got your traveling arrangements. Have a great time, and I'll be praying for your mom.

At 2/18/2005 03:32:00 PM, Blogger AlanK said...

Good luck with your mum Sandmonkey


At 2/19/2005 12:27:00 PM, Blogger DeeLiciouS said...

heyyy i got to be hit number 10000 :D woohoo
have fun in the states, party hard!!

At 2/21/2005 02:52:00 PM, Blogger Kender said...

We are the Blorg. Resistance to the Truth is Futile.

At 2/22/2005 04:58:00 PM, Blogger Tina said...

OK, you should be somewhere where you can check in with us. I hope everything is going well and that you're not freezing in Boston.

At 2/26/2005 01:48:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


I thought of you and GM immediately upon reading of Mubarak's announcement. Can't wait to hear what you think.


At 2/28/2005 05:13:00 PM, Blogger Tina said...

I can not wait for you to get back. I'm dying to find out what you think of all these changes.

At 2/28/2005 08:12:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Saaaammm, come back and talk to uuuusss!!!!


At 3/01/2005 05:41:00 AM, Blogger Louise said...

Sandmonkey. Sandmonkey. Wherefore art thou??? The world has changed so much since you last posted. We long to hear your sage opinions on the meaning of it all. Hope you and your mother are well.

At 3/01/2005 05:47:00 AM, Blogger Louise said...

This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

At 3/01/2005 12:16:00 PM, Blogger Steve in Boston said...

Hmm.. I didn't notice the Boston part until just now.

Wish I could have had the chance to share a coffee or a beer with you, your choice :)

Please do comment on your experience in Boston, what you liked, what you hated (Snow will be the top of that one, I'll bet)..

Hope you're enjoying your trip, may it be a safe and incredibly exciting experience for you!


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