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Friday, April 08, 2005

Bomb in Cairo Update

Ok, so it seems that the egyptian state-run media was right ( and Reuters and Al Jazeerah were wrong- imagine that!) and there was an american Tourist who died in the blast. And now it seems that an unknown group by the name of " The Brigades of Islamic Pride in the lands of the Nile" ( link in arabic-sorry) has claimed responsbility for the attack carried in the Khan El Khailiy Bazaar. The group claims that the attack was a suicide bombing in protest of "Mubarak's reign and the American policies in the region". How Original! The Police of course claim that the whole thing was an isolated incident and that the guy acted alone and that there is no evidence that there is any terrorist group behind all of this. And you know something? I don't find that theory to be completly implausible: The bomb was extreemly unsophistcated (created using gunpowder and nails) and the planning of the attack wasn't very good thanks to the attack's timing: If they had attacked at 1 or 2 ( when tourist traffic is at its peak there) instead of so late in the afternoon the death toll could've easily been 5 times that. Poor man's Bomb + shitty planning = Not Al-Qaeda or anyone equally sophistcated. Let's just hope the ease by which this attack was conducted doesn't encourage those big boys to give us a visit, you know?


At 4/09/2005 12:11:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

One of the greatest pluses to the great virgin give-away for these well strapped martyrs is that they tend to get too excited and blow up prematurely.... I guess I would too if I knew a slew of virgins was awaiting my ugly, sorry ass....

It is the women with the strap-ons we all need to really worry about.... or er... think about.... or..er ponder... er uh, daydream......

Scott from Oregon


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