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Monday, April 04, 2005

The Zionist nation of Bahrain?

This is just way too stupid for so many reasons: A Bahraini writer has revealed a chapter many people ignore about the relation of his country with the Palestinian issue. He said the Kingdom of Bahrain was, 60 days before the Balfour Declaration in 1917, named as national home for the Jews, but later eyes moved to the Palestinian territories. Khalid Al Bassam said in his book Bahrain and the Palestinian Issue 1917-1948 his country was the country on which it was suggested that a state for the Jews be established before thinking of Palestine. Naturally, if we take this book seriously, the first questions coming to our minds would be: What? How come? Who would've suggested Bahrain to begin with? There is nothing even remotely jewish in Bahrain. Which Jewish organization would've proposed such a stupid stupid proposal? Well, apparently it wasn't a jewish organization at all... On September 2, 1917 a Russian Jewish doctor living in the French capital Paris submitted an exciting proposal to the British State Department through the UK ambassador in Paris in which he suggested the setting up of a Jewish state in Bahrain and Al Ehssa. The latter ‘Al Ehssa’ is located in the eastern portion of the Arabian Peninsula, where at that time was Turkish country. Oh, I see. I get it now. So a Russian Jewish Doctor- all by his lonesome- submitted a crazy ass proposal to the British State Department, which naturally ignored it, and that's what your book is all about? That's not even a book. That's like a stupid "Did you know" Trivia question. What kind of an idiot would buy this book? Wait a minute, come to think of it, i know the answer to that question. Ohh, and to up the dosage of idiocy of its readers , the book apparently has another title and now, it's not "Ohh and by the way,I am an opprutunistic hack who is exploting this issue to make a buck out of the idiots who will read this stupid book". The figured it was too long. Paper and ink are expensive these days. It's probably why they chose this title instead: Issued by the Arab Foundation for Studies and Publishing in Jordan, the 240-page book bears another title We are all sacrifice for you, in reference to the Palestinian question. We are all sacrifice for you? We are all? Like all of us? You persume to speak for all of us? Wow! You know, maybe it's just me, but i like my title better, you know, for truth in advertising purposes. What do you think?


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