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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Call me Mace

:: how jedi are you? ::


At 4/12/2005 08:51:00 AM, Blogger Highlander said...

He he he just took the quiz and posted the result in my blog :)

At 4/12/2005 09:36:00 AM, Blogger Josie said...

I'm Yoda. Yo Yo Yo Yo Yo Da. :)

At 4/12/2005 11:26:00 AM, Blogger mamapajamas said...

I'm Mace, too :D

At 4/12/2005 09:23:00 PM, Blogger Kat said...

I knew there was a reason I liked you! We are Jedi Masters. together we will rule the universe!


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