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Saturday, April 09, 2005

Ohh Dean!

I have a confession: I like Howard Dean! I wanted him to be the Democratic candidate for president in the last election. Don't get me wrong, i am not a big supporter of his ideas or those of the democratic party. I just value Honesty in an individual; I like to know where he/she stands on things. You had straightforwardness with Howard Dean; John Kerry didn't even know what that word means. Not to mention a debate between Bush and Dean would have been an actual debate between the Left and the Right ideologies, something that rarely ever happens anymore. You could compare both ideologies right there in plain view and sight and see which one makes more sense. And Howard Dean would've been honest about it too. It's why i like him as DNC chairman: He will tell the american people what the democrats really think of them. Case in point in this article (Those are actual Dean quotes): The president is not much of a policy guy, but he's a good campaigner. He comes to places like Tennessee and says, "Those people -- meaning people like me, the 'bi-coastal elite' -- they don't like you; they don't respect you; they don't honor you. But I'm one of you, so let's go get 'em!" People get emotionally stirred up by that. So according to Dean, the democrats really are for and from the people and are not elitist at all, but it's Bush who distorts the truth about them and how they have no respect for the average american. Hmm, good to know. People could believe it too. But then you have him ruin it by saying this: We have to acknowledge people's fears. It's not just about gay rights and abortion. It's fear of what happens to their families. What they need is a signal from the Democratic Party that we're going to make it easier for them to raise their kids. The mistake is to think we're going to talk people out of their fears. These are not logical fears. Most kids will turn out fine, even in this era of bad stuff on television and things like that. You cannot sit down and logically explain to people why they have their fears. Hehehe. Not Condescending at all, right? "Don't worry you irrational people you. We are not even gonna try to understand you, but you should know we are on your side, no matter how illogical or pathethic your fear may be!" That's just priceless! See why I love Howard Dean?


At 4/09/2005 11:18:00 PM, Blogger Jim Satterfield said...

Yeah, but he's more right than wrong. Even as the fear of violent crime reached its peak a few years back the actual rate of violent crime was already declining. One woman wrote in her letter to the editor in the KC Star today that she isn't a homophobe but fears what it will do to her grandchildren if homosexuals get rights. Exactly how is a major fear that other people who are different from them getting rights will destroy her grandchildren's life rational?


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