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Thursday, May 19, 2005

Damage Control

Check out the transcript of Egypt's Prime Minister Ahmez Nazif "Meet The Press" Interview (Hat tip the always excellent Hellme) , which i have to say was rather impressive. I haven't seen such straightfaced lying, ducking and manuvering in an Interview since Clinton was the US President. Favorite Part: MR. RUSSERT: But you mentioned the judges. They met yesterday, Mr. Prime Minister, and said that the election is "a fraud," and they are boycotting it because they do not think it will be a full and free and fair election. PRIME MIN. NAZIF: I don't think that they meant that it's fraud. I'm not sure if this is an accurate code. But I think what they said... MR. RUSSERT: That's the word that they used, and they cheered when they heard it. PRIME MIN. NAZIF: What they said is that they would like to have more power in supervising the elections, which makes my point. They're looking for having complete power in supervising the elections themselves. Now, we didn't say no about that. We just said that it's a process that has to take place through law. Now, a new law will be coming out, because we're changing our constitution on May 25. After that, we'll have to debate that law in parliament and make sure that it provides us with that. The emphasis is we are, the government is, Mr. President Mubarak is, for a free and fair election. MR. RUSSERT: Do you appreciate President Bush's pressure on Egypt or do you regard it as interference? PRIME MIN. NAZIF: I don't see it as pressure. I think that among friends we can get advice. And I take it this way. Ohh, i am sure you do! LoL Read the whole thing, it's rather enlightning!


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