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Sunday, May 22, 2005

Inner-geek post: Console War

I have always been an XBOX fan, mainly because of Halo and the fact that the playstation controllers are designed for people with small hands (with japanese designers, what did you expect?) and it cramps my fingers, as opposed to the big XBOX controllers, which do not. So when it came to the console war between the XBOX/Halo fanatics and the PS2/GTA faithfulls, i was on the side of Microsoft. Now, with the relase of the next generation Playstation and XBOX, i am starting to have second thoughts. I mean, they both look awesome and sleek and stuff, but PS3 is gonna support the new Blu-ray HD DVD technology, while XBOX 360 will just replace your current PC and soundsystem. XBOX seems to be making the same mistake Nintendo made when they created the Gamecube and didn't include a DVD player in it and is making again with their new product Nintendo Reveloution: they are releasing consoles that are not on par with the products of their competitors. Oh well, none of those new toys will be released for until this december or next summer, so who knows what kind of last minute improvments will be made on them. I just hope XBOX joins the Blu-ray fad and stays competitive, because i really really hate the PS controllers.


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