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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ahh, the drama!

I received this e-mail yesterday: I was reading your blog today. I like the material. I am the author of a break up letter you have posted on your blog. I will not ask you to take it down. However, I would like to request that you change the proper names and places listed in the message. This was never meant to get out to the public, but there is nothing I can do about it now. If you have any questions, please let me know. Thanks, D.

Me and Polly on IM yesterday! Sam: So he sent you the same e-mail? Polly: Yes! Sam: motherfucker! Polly: Hehe Sam: Even with the part about liking your blog? Polly: No. He didn’t say that in mine! Sam: Oh Sam: lol Polly: I guess he didn't like my blog material Polly: FOO! Sam: Hehehehehe
New comment posted in my comments section the same day I received the above e-mail! to answer a couple questions... it was 11 years that they were together. they were dating until about dec/jan of this past year. he had been cheating for 3 years, but she should probably just get over that is what i assume you will say. but he was cheating. it is actually a huge mess and has hurt a lot of people. this email was sent to his friends as a joke, he alted her letter greatly and then wrote his very sarcastic and wiity response to a very sarcastic and witty email she had written him. he didn't send it to her, she has seen it, as you can imagine, as has most of the US and other countries as we have come to find out. she really isn't crazy! the month they broke up he was still talking about marriage, if that tells you anything. he is good at the games, a politician through and through. i hope that helps a little. i hope you understand a little better her perspective. if you have any questions shoot. i will be happy to answer. and just for the record...i am not sarah, but i am very close to the situation and have been friends with both of them for a very long time! so i am here to help explain if needed. but she isn't crazy. he is witty, i will admit thaqt, but in this case it was used in a very poor fashion in an attempt to destroy someone he onced loved very much. it takes all kinds
Me and Sally on IM: Sam: u should go see the angry little lady blog Sam: she received the same e-mail Sally: yeah? ok. Sam: plus a comment from the pyscho ex girlfriend friend Sally: it's like dude, if you didnt want it to be public, then why send it to people?? Sally: checking it out now Sam: I know Sam: lol Sam: it's just funny Sally: hehe Sam: i am caught in the middle of an ex lovers spat in Egypt Sam: while the lovers are in freakin Indiana Sally: ah, the joys of the internet Sam: the global village is psychotic Sally: ABSOLUTELY
This is copied from Polly's Post here: I received this email just now: I am the author of a breakup letter you have posted.I will not ask you to remove it. However, I will ask, in the spirit ofkindness, that you remove all proper names and places in the letter. Itwas never meant to get out like this, but I can't control that now. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask. [name redacted] Oh, [name redacted]. [name redacted]. [name redacted]. [name redacted]. The internet, she is a bitch, no? "In the interest of kindness" - really strikes me as funny you would have the gall to add that bit. Are you being sarcastic? -I can't tell. After all, you cc'd all your buddies on the email you wrote mocking this girl. It was funny, we all laughed at it. And now, everyone knows that she is crazy and that you are a total prick. Embrace it. In the meantime, I will erase the proper names from my post. Although, that's pretty pointless, as all 4 of my readers have read the post anyway. Not to mention, the email is still travelling (two L's, Robot) around the internets. It's already way beyond your control. xoxo, Polly P.S. From now on, I am going to have to ask you to remain on your side (North, remember) of the blogosphere. I think we should take every precaution to avoid each other. I do not want to risk bumping into you on any blog
See why I love Polly. Her Angry Little Lady Blog is the shit. Check out Psycho's ex-girlfriend's friend's comment on her post here!
And now, finally, my response to his e-mail: Dear D. , First of all, If this is really you, I would like to tell you that you are AWESOME. That was the funniest fuckin shit ever and i am actually quite honored that you found my blog and e-mailed me! Second of all, you notice that i said " if this is really you". The reason for that is i received a comment from someone who claims to be S.'s friend the same day as that e-mail. So there is a slight possibility that it might not be you at all and you can understand why i would think so: It's too much of a coincidence. However, even if it's not you, it might mean it's S. , and in this case the laws of decency require me to acquiesce to your request, even though i think it's already too late ( the people who read it have already read it) and in all honesty, i think your karma might be already screwed for forwarding it to your friends anyway, so it's kinda too late to do any damage control. But, you said you liked my blog, and thus you catered to my ego, so i have to oblige. The problem is, i dunno what to change it to. I really don't. I am not familiar with the area or the schools you guys mentioned. So what i am going to do is this: I will change the names to S. & D. instead of ( your real names). just give you two enough anonymity for it not to be a problem in case of future political endeavors on your or her part. ok? Hope that would be enough to keep you happy, because in all honesty, i don't think i have the energy to do more. Don't be mad, i am just Lazy! Best regards, Sam PS: I would respond to the allegations being spread against you in my comments section if i were you. Someone claiming to be S's friend is saying that you were a cheater for 3 years, that you two only broke up last year, that you changed the original e-mail and lots of un-cool stuff like that. I figure if you care enough about this e-mail being posted, you would probably care to respond to your name getting tarnished. Just saying!
I can't wait to see how it will all unfold now!


At 7/02/2005 08:49:00 AM, Anonymous Me, Myself and I said...

Yellan deen Om D..this drama is getting way too complicted...are u really interested to see how it will all unfold???

At 7/02/2005 09:25:00 AM, Blogger stefania said...

I think you should have posted the link to your interview ! If you haven't yet, here is the link:


It was a wonderful interview :)

At 7/02/2005 09:35:00 AM, Blogger Tsedek said...

I'm following this story with great (huge smile on my face, sorry) euhmm... interest.
You're exactly the guy to be caught in the middle of this, Sam.
Make 'em both fly.

At 7/02/2005 10:26:00 AM, Anonymous Me, Myself and I said...

Hey SM, read the interview..wow..Richard Perle
u sound like hmmmm Paul Wolfowitz,
Elliott Abrams, Richard Perle or
William Kristol (note i didnt mention Dybya as he is not a neocon translating their ideology into policies)..also note that i did not mention Daniel Pipes, you are too sweet and dear to me to even think of him..you can tell me to sod off-if i do not like your pol views, but i like you wit, presence and exposure- i would view it as ikhtelaf el raaay la yefsd lel wed kadeya..so ain't going to buzz off..by the way i see all the shit happening in this country--am aware and vigilant and try many times to no avail to do something about it -but that said, yet i still see other shit too- i do not think it is as black and white as "with us of against us" -this is for simple minded people and hey SM you are far far from that...

At 7/03/2005 03:13:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...


I am glad you are not going to "sod off" as i say in my heading, even though you disagree with me. Let you in on a little secret? I only put this "if this isn't ur cup of tea thing" just to provoke a reaction into the readers and get rid of the stupid people who will just dismiss the blog based on the description instead of what's written in it. Luckily you are smarter then that, so it's all good.

Now that that's over with, you actually compared me to Richard Pearle? The prince of fuckin Darkness? I didn;t know i sounded that right-wing. LOL. Well, what did you expect from a liberatarian?

The reason why i view it this black and white MM&I is that i saw with my own eyes the after effect of what happend, the destruction and the mayehm and how terrified my friends were (thank god they weren't hurt) from what happend in a freakin resort. I was enraged by the fact that people were getting attacked on my soil like this, and i was even more enraged that no one else seemed enraged by it. We have become so apathetic to such things that we don;t care what happens on our country and to our tourists (even though we should, since it is our first source of income, u know?). Instead i saw people snickering cause the people who got attacked were jews, I saw people blaming the victims instead of the perperatrators. I didn;t see one egyptian decrying the fact that the elader of the suicide ring was palestinian, or the fact that the palestinain authority actually blamed this on "Sharon" and his policies like that's a freakin excuse or negated the fact that a plestinian attacked israleis in our country because he couldn;t do it over there.

Look, it's not that i am unaware of the bad shit that happens to the palestinians, I am. But you can not condone doing bad shit back and claim moral highground. You can not dondemn israelis attacking palestinians and then support palestinains attacking israelis. We can;t be against bloodshed and murder only when it's done against "our people" but for it when it's "our people" who are doing out. Just doesn;t work. If You become what you attack, you are no longer a victim, neither are you deserving of any sympathy in my book!

So yeah, maybe i am black and white because i saw it with my own eyes. and maybe i am against those who apologize for the attackers because they really don;t know what they are excusing. In essence MM&I , whether u admit it ot not, u might actually be supportingor excusing murderers. We are either aboslutists or moral relativists, and if we are going the route of moral relativism, then why take one side over the other?

Either way, you are right: Ikhtelafe el ra2y la yofsed fe elwed 2adiah. You are too dear to me too for me to aks you to buzz off, even though u came close to calling me daniel pipes.

PS: on the D& S story. I finally figured it out. Will explain it later in a smaller post, but u might be on the wrong side of this situation for hating D.

At 7/03/2005 09:32:00 AM, Anonymous Me, Myself and I said...

Thanks SM for your tolerance and your response..just let me clarify one thing before we bring this issue to a closure (D & S style) and move on to work on our relationship (just kidding)...i am as vocal as you are re fuckwittage that takes place here..i by no means condone or accept the atrosities committed against locals, tourist or whatever--including jews-for god's sake at one point i was supposed to marry one...the fact that i do not agree nor trust US foreign policy objectives and doings in the area does not mean i condone this suscide madness or see a beauty of such actions...but i can only see where they are coming from, what contributes to their doing..and i must admit Daniel Pipes was too much of a low blow..for that i agologize...


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