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Thursday, August 18, 2005

The campaigning has begun

The egyptian presidential elections has officially started yesterday, with a speech that Mubarak deliverd on the privatelty owned Dream Channel, as if saying "I had to do it here cause i know that none of you watch the crappy state-owned television channels". And the stuff he said, ohh boy, straight from the heart. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you Mubarak the reformer: "I will work hard to earn the support and the confidence of every one of you, the children of our people in Egypt's hamlets, villages and towns," he said. "There are still more constitutional and legislative amendments to complete building our democracy. We still have more economic and social reforms to reach the modern society we dream of." Now, mind you, any reforming that's taking place is one to reform his own policies, since he is the one who has been ruling for the past 24 years and he could've done all of this anytime he wanted. But, alas, I will take Mubarak the reformer over Mubarak the Heartthrob: In the film, his wife talked about "the eye contact" that brought her and her future husband together when they first met. "He is a man anybody gets attracted to, elegant, balanced, handsome, full of confidence and greatness," Suzanne Mubarak said. Yeesh!


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