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Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Promises, Promises

Just in case you want a good laugh, here is a list of Mubarak's campaign promises for achievments to be made within the next 6 years if we "vote" for him again. Here are my favorites; his greatest hits so to speak: -Create over 4 million job opportunities in the next six years, through the largest investment program Egypt has ever witnessed. -Empower private sector to build 1000 factories in the next six years, and to provide 250,000 job opportunities. -Reclaim one million feddans of desert land, thus providing an additional 70,000 jobs. -Increase hotel capacity, creating an additional 200,000 jobs. -Extend health insurance coverage to every citizen. -3,500 new schools over next six years. -80,000 government subsidized new homes per year. -Provide squatter settlements water, electricity, sewage, and access to schools. -Raise wage of low-income civil servants by 100%. -Increase remaining civil servants’ wages by 75%. -Guaranteed job contracts, health insurance, and social security to those working in the informal sector. -Raise pensions. -Child care for working mothers 4 million new jobs, 3,500 new schools, 80,000 suzidized new homes per year, raise wages by 75-100%, raise pensions and provide child care for working mothers. Oh lawdy, do we have the best Presidential candidate ever or what? No wonder people kiss his ass so hard. One question though Mr. President, ehh, with what money do you plan to accomplish all of that exactly? The deficit in just this year's budget is 59.4 billion pounds, up from last years 52 billion pounds and our public debt is 407 billion pounds, that's almost half a trillion! How the hell do you plan to finance your "program"? The funny thing is, i know that your program is bullshit, that you are just saying stuff for now to claim to have a program. God knows there is no way in hell we can hold you or any of your cabinets accountable for your actions, since the NDP forges the parliamentary elections every time. But What's pissing me off is the number of Yes men all around you that keep saying that your program is feasible as if they can cheat reality. Newsflash: reality can not be cheated, and you will find that out for sure when it all comes tumbeling down.


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