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Thursday, September 15, 2005

A.J. takes on US in UN summit

Iran's Prez didn't hestitate to take on the US in his UN speech. Very Polite. Ahmadinejad did not hesitate to take on the United States, which hosts the world body's New York headquarters and has accused Iran of pursuing nuclear weapons in contravention of international commitments. "Greater power or wealth should not accord expanded rights to any (U.N.) member ... The host country should not enjoy any right or privilege over the rest of the memberships," he said. He also criticized "unilateralism, production and use of WMD (weapons of mass destruction), intimidation, resort to the threat or use of force and imposition of destructive wars on peoples for the sake of security and prosperity of a few powers." All of which are things he is doing and /or willing to do. He is unilateralist in his negotioations with the world over his nuclear facilities, he is seeking the creation of the WMD, and he resorted to intimidation when it comes to Iraq and how he can make life for the US troops there very hard. Huh....


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