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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Election Violations? What Violations?

What? The Elections are not fair? The NDP committed violations? Get out! Egypt's ruling National Democratic Party committed more campaign violations than any of the nine other parties in the country's first contested presidential poll, a rights group charged. [...] But the NDP and its supporters violated a few rules for fair play laid down by the electoral commission and the law, claimed the report, compiled by 120 members who followed eight candidates in 12 cities and attended 50 rallies between 17 August and 4 September. While most of the candidates seemed to have abided by campaign rules and the law, Mubarak received unfair and, in certain cases, unlawful exposure and access, the IECME said. "The Interior Ministry did not issue permission to print and put up campaign posters in time for some candidates," said Mansur, citing one of the problems that opposition candidates faced in their attempts to reach the people. He added that NDP supporters also removed a few posters and banners belonging to opposition candidates. "Security authorities intervened on more than one occasion to change the time and venue of scheduled opposition rallies," Mansur said. Individuals also received threats for openly supporting opposition candidates, he added. NDP supporters further ignored a law banning the use of government facilities and public buildings for campaign purposes, according to the report. These included "ministry buildings, police stations, government schools and hospitals, universities and train stations", Mansur said. The NDP also used government vehicles and public buses to bring people to rallies, he added. God I love this country.


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