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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Our great democratic experiment

The Egyptian Prime Minister, Ahmed Nazif, has layed down the rules for democratic behavior for our novice nation: No protesting allowed on election day, and those who will protest, will be dealt with. Hours before voting started, Prime Minister Ahmed Nazif took a tough line, warning that demonstrations were banned for election day. The reformist group Kifaya had called for a rally Wednesday in one of Cairo's main squares to protest "corruption and oppression" and the continuation of Mubarak's rule. "If there are demonstrations, they will be sabotaging the elections," Nazif told reporters. "It's the responsibility of the police and the security forces to secure the voters' rights to cast ballots." So demonstrtaions will sabotage the elections, but the lack of any monitoring won't. Oh, ok! Oh, and to ensure that everyone goes and vote, the government has layed out laws against, you know, not voting, and other undemocratic like behavior. Now that's democracy!


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