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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

President Feingold?

The people at AP are so unbiased, that they wrote a piece about how Russ Feingold would be the first Anti-War candidate for the 08 elections, just because he called for a time-table for the Withdrawel. LOL By issuing an early call for a timetable to withdraw U.S. troops from Iraq could emerge as the Democrats' anti-war candidate of 2008, in the tradition of Eugene McCarthy and Howard Dean. McCarthy and Dean. Yes, that's a group of winners. God, imagine if the Democrats do nominate him, and he by some miracle he passed through the primaries as the winner, and his opponent on the republican side was someone who was Pro-Iraq War and wanted to follow in Bush's footsteps. Now imagine what the arab world would think about that. Who would they support? A Bush republican, or a Jewish Democrat? A Bushie or Jew? Hehe... It's a tough one. It's what they call a pickle. ;-)


At 9/06/2005 10:49:00 AM, Blogger Papa Ray said...

Yea, but when it came down to the nutt cutting, they would NEVER support a Jew, kill him, torture him, imprision him..yes of course.

Papa Ray
West Texas


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