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Sunday, November 27, 2005

Dutch muslim woman wins the right not to wear a Hijab

Hmmm....... Islamic groups across Europe have campaigned for years for the right of Muslim women to wear the religious headscarf, or hijab. Now a Muslim woman in the Netherlands has won the right not to wear it. Samira Haddad, 32, won her case against the Islamic College of Amsterdam, which insists that all Muslim women wear the hijab. The secondary school rejected her for a job after she said in an interview that she did not wear it. The country’s Equality Commission ruled in Ms Haddad’s favour, saying that the college had illegally discriminated against her on the ground of her religion and that it could not legally compel Muslim women to wear headscarves. But here is the interesting part: A member of the school board explained at the time: “If Miss Haddad were to declare she was no longer a Muslim, then she could in principle come and work for us.” So a qualified muslim woman doesn't get the job if she wouldn't wear a hijab, but if she abandoned Islam she would get it? LOL. Now that's tolerance. Who are those people, where do they come from and why did they ever leave their countries of origin in the first place? Seriously, I want to know.


At 11/27/2005 12:36:00 PM, Blogger Crazy Girl said...

Again just to show how ass backwards arabs are.lol

I think the hijab is a load of bullshit.. First of all I dont think a girl should have to cover her hair because a man will get excited.. Some ment get excited over animals so should we kill every animal.. If he cant control it maybe he should cut it off.. And im so tired of these girls hiding behind the scarf and thinking they are somehow closer to god just because they cover their heads..PLEASE...
Now I dont dress like a whore or a slut but im not gonna cover my hair because a man cant keep it in his pants and I dont believe all the shit my dad told me that my hair gets mens attention.. I have long beautiful red brown hair and I will do what I please with it..
Now people say girls need to cover for what? why? When I was in Egypt I found covered girls to be the biggest sluts ever... They could proabally give us western girls a lesson or two in blowing..has anyone seen how these girls wear the scarf now.. How do you wear a scarf and skin tight jeans.. its so stupid..they sleep around and walk around as they please because their daddys and brothers think as long as they wear the scarf they are gonna be good little girls.. My twin wears the scarf and she was no angle.. She just did it to piss my American mother off and to be up daddys ass. Arab men are even more stupid because they think thats the right thing to do.

Im hlad Haddad had the ball to show them how stupid they really are.. Do as we wish or dont be a muslim at all.. Now whare does it say in the koran that we should tell people to leave islam if they dont follow every rule.. Bull shit!!

At 11/27/2005 03:24:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Goes to prove how idiotic we muslims have become!! how can this make sense to those numbskulled morons???

At 11/27/2005 09:10:00 PM, Anonymous James M. said...

Wait a minute...

If she did declare herself to no longer be a Muslim, wouldn't that make her an apostate, and thus liable to stoning?

At 11/28/2005 05:03:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Not stoning, but death! Even though those punishments has nothing to do with the Islamic religion. I honestly dont know how do people belive that Islam says you are free to belive anything you want, but if you decide to become anything but a muslim, you will be killed, albeit an unequivocal verse that states the contrary, albeit some well known incidents which are in islamic tradition books shows Mohamed as not caring for those who changed their religion from islam to anything else, like the idiots who say that the veil is compulsory when it has no place at all eithe rin the quran or the traditions! have we muslims become so thick headed & backward that we repeat blindly what some sheiksh falsely say?

At 5/29/2006 09:38:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am not muslim but dated a muslim man. From someone not of that religion I feel that the headscarf makes women look like they are weak because they allow themselves to be controlled by men. This is how many of my friends feel too. It seems to me and others that the muslim men are insecure. The man I dated was extremely insecure or maybe that was just what his religion taught him. It seems to me muslim women actually convince themselves or are brainwashed into thinking this is right. How sad that is.


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