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Monday, November 14, 2005

Second journalist assaulted in Egypt

Al Jazeera journalist Ahmed Al Mansour got assaulted last wendsday as he was walking out of the office of the channel. No one knows who did it, but it’s a big hint that in the previous episode of his show he personally challenged and berated Kamal El Shazly- one of Mubarak very big boys- for not showing up on his show, and called him a coward. A few days later, Ahmed gets his ass handed to him in front of the place of his employment, where he proceeded 30 minutes later to broadcast with a bruised face where he demanded that Egypt protected its honest sons. Egypt reportedly wasn’t listening (or maybe it listened literally and will only protect the sons from now on), because another journalist, a woman this time, got assaulted covering the elections. Heba al-Qudsy, a reporter for the pan-Arab newspaper Asharq al-Awsat, said she was attacked by a small crowd of "thugs" who stole her camera as she was photographing a rally in support of an independent candidate in the Bulak Abu al-Ela district of Cairo on Sunday evening. "They ran toward me screaming 'What are you taking photos of?'," al-Qudsy, 34, told The Associated Press in a telephone interview as she waited to file a complaint in a local police station. "They punched me so hard on the nose, and fled with my camera," she said, her voice breaking with emotion. "I collapsed, and started crying. I had never been beaten before," she added. She said her nose and right arm were aching, and she had scratches on various parts of her body. She said police officers on the scene chased the assailants and managed to retrieve her camera. The two incidents are not related, but they could be a start of a frightening trend that targets the foreign media..i.e. the uncensored media. Both Al jazeerah and Al Sharq Al Aawsat don't exactly write the outright letters of priase that the local media does. So they sanction the assault of journalists to keep them afraid and not reporting the scandals they report. And the police won't do shit. Notice how they got her her camera back but didn't arrest anyone? How do you think that happend? The people who assaulted her just threw the camera away, and the police stopped chasing them after getting the camera? Why? They didn;tcatch them because they didn't want to catch them. They are sending a message and it's loud and clear: We won't protect you! That's all there is to it.


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