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Monday, December 05, 2005

Saddam Trial Circus

The Saddam Trial circus continues: Saddam Hussein's defense team walked out of the courtroom Monday shortly after the former leader's trial resumed because the judge refused to allow former U.S. Attorney General Ramsey Clark to challenge the tribunal's legitimacy in an address to the court. After the lawyers walked out, Saddam told the judge: "You are imposing lawyers on us. They are imposed lawyers. The court is imposed by itself. We reject that." Clark said he needed only two minutes to present his argument. But Chief Judge Rizgar Mohammed Amin said the tribunal had been established under the law by an elected Iraqi government and that only Saddam's chief lawyer could address the hearing. Amin said the defense should submit its motion in writing and warned that if the defense walked out then the court would appoint replacement lawyers. "We reject the appointment of court employees to defend us," Saddam said. He and his half brother Barazan Ibrahim then chanted "Long live Iraq, long live the Arab state." When the judge explained that he was ruling in accordance with the law, Saddam replied: "This is a law made by America and does not reflect Iraqi sovereignty." [...] Clark spent about 15 minutes trying to address the court, but the judge wouldn't let him, arguing that Arabic is the only recognized language of the court. "We will give you enough time to address the court at a suitable time," said the judge. At that point, Saddam snapped: "The American occupation continues." Sigh...


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