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Thursday, February 23, 2006


I don't know if any of you have heard about this, but check it out: Muslim pop star DEEYAH is facing death threats because her raunchy new music video sees her strip off a burka (burqa) to reveal her bikini-clad body. Deeyah claims the video for WHAT WILL IT BE? deals with Muslim women's rights and female empowerment as it also features Muslim women who have fought for freedom of expression. But the singer, who was born in Norway but moved to the UK after her act alienated her from the Muslim community, has been forced to cancel performances and hire a team of bodyguards after inciting anger from British Muslims as well. The 28-year-old, dubbed the 'Muslim Madonna' says, "I can't walk around without bodyguards. I would be lying if I said abuse from religious fanatics did not upset or scare me." Asian music TV network B4U TV dropped the video after receiving complaints. An employee reveals, "We played the video a couple of times and then did not play it again. We had threats which we were forced to take very seriously. These things are sensitive issues."

Well, here are some Deeyah pictures: deeyah_cover deeyah_video_hot3 Here is her controversial video "What will it be?", and please note the cameo by Irshad Manji. And as for my opinion on all this, let me steal the rap by young maylay from the song (which I don't think is that good, but me likes this verse anyway): "We dont take it lightly when you threatinin women. How you have so much hate and yet faith in religion? Fake in the system, need to take a break with the dissin, before you end up in the lake with the fishes. Hearin bout the Muslim Madonna, asian j-lo, lookin for drama (ok) if you say so. If you that religious and not with trendy clothes, then what you doin even watchin videos?" Seriously...


At 2/24/2006 12:13:00 AM, Anonymous Aya said...

It is ridiculous how many Muslim men believe that it’s their religious right to force women into covering themselves. I think it all boils down to Qasim Amin’s belief that hijab is a tool used by (religious) men to protect themselves from their uncontrolled fantasies!

Stop watchin videos if you can’t hold it!

At 2/24/2006 12:36:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Can we asume that this means that most muslim men loose control of their sexual urges at the mere sight of a scantily clad female? Talk about the projection syndrome!
Point for point; Everything these idiots blame on the West or the Jooooz, they harbor in their own harts.

At 2/24/2006 01:59:00 AM, Blogger Ceru-men said...

10 years ago she showed her belly in a music video and the reactions that created forced her to move to London. Now in her new video the face of a girl named Rahila Iqbal pops up. Rahila was reported dead in Pakistan, and the Norwegian governments believed that she did not die in an accident, but were killed by her relatives.
The car she was in drew of the road and ended up in a river. The car and the driver escaped unharmed, but she died. The roved was straight and only a spastic blind person would be able to drive the car off the road.
They found trace of sleeping pills in her blood and also seamen. She had been drugged and raped.
And why?
She had found love – on her own – and married this person without her parents consent. She was sunni he was ahmadiyya.

Deekika – or Deeyha has fought in owe 10 years for women’s rights, and feel strongly for the way especially Paki girls are treated.
She is portrayed as the Jezebel, which is out to corrupt the moral of Paki girls.

Together with writer/comedian Shamana Rehman she is one of the very few who dear to speak up against the Pakistani community in Norway (and abroad) and the way they are treating their girls, and how they with fear are using Islam to keep them down.
Religion and tradition is a lethal combination.

I don’t necessary agree with her methods, but I cheer on any girl who has the guts to speak up even though she receives death treats.

I think hijab and burka is an insult to men and their ability to control their urges.
A woman I Burka is just as much an object as a pornographic model. They become a symbol for something that is larger then them self. It becomes a symbol of a family’s, Izzat, honour, and control.

At 2/24/2006 02:01:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The worrying point of the whole thing is that people are caving in to these nutbars, they are winning and the PC fundamentalists don't realise what their fate will be when they try and tell a Sharia court that all people simply HAVE to be treated with respect..rotfl. That's the serious part. Now, the question of fundamentalism and the video..is it shirk or wank they are worried about ?????

At 2/24/2006 02:21:00 AM, Blogger Kirle said...

Hmm I think I've just allways assumed that because of the heat (and what I would do) that women wore bikini or similiar clothes (fx top+shorts) under burkas...

Don´t you?

At 2/24/2006 02:23:00 AM, Blogger Ceru-men said...

G-string and top..in silk. I think that would be sufficient.
I would SO be a lesbian in those countries!! ;-)

At 2/24/2006 02:25:00 AM, Blogger Ceru-men said...

...and So dead

At 2/24/2006 02:32:00 AM, Anonymous anne kirstine said...

All your talk about conspirancy theories etc, have me believing that the mullahs and imans have decided to crack down on Denmark and Scandinavia because we are on the forefront of women liberation... But that's not true.... is it?

At 2/24/2006 04:50:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Iranian women are the most liberated in the world infidel ! We have kind regard for them and have relieved all need for them to think, work and be seen. No man looks at them as they do your strumpets A.K., our women are Iranian citizens and nothing more, do you understand that ? never will they be thought of in the lustful ways of your infidel decadent and soon to be destroyed blasphemous way of life. They are not women, they are subservient to their husbands/fathers, the one true G*d and the supreme Islamic Council. Oh, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says have a nice day !

At 2/24/2006 04:58:00 AM, Blogger Suzanne said...

Other quote from the lyrics:

from the land of the free to the jewel of the empire
does the truth only come from the top of a holy man's spire?
From three paces back, covered head to toe
are the rules just for the masses and written just for show

Isn't this blasphemy? :)

So, why are they more worried about the girl wearing a burqa going to have a swim?

At 2/24/2006 06:26:00 AM, Anonymous Jeff said...

Dude, you're stealing my stuff again. I bookmarked this girl to post about her yesterday.

At 2/24/2006 06:26:00 AM, Blogger Blogspat said...

Never heard of her before - but she has my respect.

Remember some years back that a Swedish woman got in deep trouble in Saudi because her Abaya acted in a Marilyn Monroe fashion and revealed a minimalistic attire underneath. Someone apperntly almost got their eyes burned out by the sight...

At 2/24/2006 06:33:00 AM, Blogger Blogspat said...

Islamic "honour". I just don't get it. Combine it with a bit of Swedish naïvity and you have a mixture for disaster..

Recently an Afghan girl eloped with an Afghan guy. The social system traced them down on the girl's family's request. "Just tell them it is ok - we will welcome this guy into our family".
Someone convinced the loped pair that it was ok to return and actually brought them to the family. The guy never saw daylight again.

At 2/24/2006 06:50:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

btw, holding hands in India can get you seriously hurt or worse. Appears that the Hindi's are about as liberal as the mullahs of Tehran. makes me really start to re-think the global child shit that I was taught. never liked their country anyway.

At 2/24/2006 07:32:00 AM, Anonymous A.K. said...

Dear Anomymous
"Iranian women are the most liberated in the world infidel ! We have kind regard for them and have relieved all need for them to think, work and be seen. No man looks at them as they do your strumpets A.K., our women are Iranian citizens and nothing more, do you understand that ? never will they be thought of in the lustful ways of your infidel decadent and soon to be destroyed blasphemous way of life. They are not women, they are subservient to their husbands/fathers, the one true G*d and the supreme Islamic Council. Oh, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says have a nice day !"

Somehow I hope that you are sarcastic, but if you are not, well, I have never met a guy more in need of getting laid *lol*
that might relax you a bit, since you are so afraid of women that you have to lock them up and put them out of sight. And it doesn't really help, does it? You can't help thinking of women and sex, can you?

I might be a strumpet, but at least I have a life and I enjoy it.

You might consider getting a life as well *lol*

At 2/24/2006 09:29:00 AM, Blogger Nadz said...

i never thought i'd consider a pop star to be a gutsy feminist, but this woman makes the case.

good for her, for pushing the boundaries and being blunt about the women's rights issue. she's certainly more of a feminist than gloria steinem now is...

At 2/24/2006 10:49:00 AM, Blogger Highlander said...

Deeyah is only using her Muslim credentials as a publicity stunts :) not as a feminist tool or any of that ... But I must admit that the Pakistani community and other Asian have it very hard on their women...from what I've seen when I lived in the UK they make Saudi Arabia seem liberal and almost racy in contrast. So no wonder this girl got crazy and is trying to live her life away from all that. As for Irshad Manji or even Aya Hirsan ali ( sp?) ..so now these are the spearheads of openess and feminist fight ? no way. But yes they absolutely have the right to live their life in whichever way they see fit and make as much money ..good luck to them ( this means of course that they get to drag Islam's name in mud because that sells well again :)) ..Look at it this way ..they would just be one among many if these women did not bring Islam into the equation right ?

end of rant :)

At 2/24/2006 12:15:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Terror reigns supreme - it will be a blood bath; I can't see people taking it much longer. No one likes to be controlled out of fear.


At 2/24/2006 01:32:00 PM, Anonymous Mohamed said...

I couldn't say it enough, but thank god for your brain and common sense highlander.

At 2/24/2006 03:29:00 PM, Anonymous Anne Kirstine said...

well well well
but highlander, isn't it all about "live and let live"?
If Deeyah wants to be a popstar, I think she has the right to decide that for herself, just as you have the right to decide your life for yourself.

anomymous wrote about
"soon to be destroyed blasphemous way of life" - that is the kind of threath I think we can do without.

My way of life isn't blasphemous and Deeyahs isn't either. Some crazy man could suddenly decide to be a "tool of Allah" and carry out a death sentence! Like what happened to that dutch film instructor.

I would wish all those who judge other people's way of life to remember to leave that judgement up to the dear God.

At 2/24/2006 04:03:00 PM, Anonymous Peter-Australia said...

Beautiful women with a gutsy message.

I find the image of people with their mouths taped shut right on the mark. There are very few who will openly question what is happening to woman as they too will be condemned.

Love her message and she doesn't hurt the eyes either.

At 2/24/2006 07:01:00 PM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

Facially look alike to Aundrea
from Making the Band 3

She's pretty smoking. Video and song is nothing great but at least the message is good. Took forever to load.


At 2/24/2006 07:06:00 PM, Blogger Scorekeeper said...

Ok 1 more thing -
Slow mo'd the ending with the 2 quick shots at the pool
1 - She is walking on sidewalk with shall over her bottom side.
2 - She is walking in the pool see curve of her back and bottom.

I gots to admit -
A tall lean girl with that kind of curve in the back is man............ painful.... (in a good :-) way)


At 2/24/2006 10:00:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A.K at 7.32am, I'm truly sorry if you didn't get the sarcasm of my post at 4.50am although it may not be all my fault. Just for the record...I live in Australia, married with kids, right-wing socialist(nuke anyone who doesn't believe in helping those who need it)have a life and yes I do think of women and sex but only one woman...you the same ?

At 2/25/2006 01:20:00 AM, Blogger . said...

She is beautiful, absolutely drop-dead beautiful. I'd fuck her.
The fact that she speaks up and forces people to listen to her makes her irresistible...
I want one...(and by one I mean her, Sam send me her for my birthday)

At 2/25/2006 03:26:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

A Pair of Brown Eyes....at the age of 6 you shouldn't be on the internet but it's obvious that one day you will be yelling 'spank me mommy' to some leather clad dominatrix. Mmmmmmmmmm.

At 2/25/2006 05:11:00 AM, Anonymous A.K. said...

anomymous at 10 pm
I am glad you were sarcastic earlier *lol* I hoped you were *lol*
But don't you agree that those cultures that have to lock women away are just afraid of women?

We must go on fighting for equal rights or we will end up in a totalitarian society.

At 2/25/2006 06:19:00 AM, Anonymous Esben said...

the Creator did well with her :-)
Should the Creator then decide that such beauty be covered ?
I don't get it....only man can be so limited.

Sandmonkey, you rule !

At 2/25/2006 07:15:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

AK, thank u. My wife will have her PhD next year and will be the major breadwinner to the household. that's not because I want to sit on my arse all day it's because she is smarter than me and should be her own person and I will support her in that..I cook better anyway(no shit). I couldn't agree with you more, weak men with small dicks who are afraid that women might turn out to have a brain. It's mental rape and we all know that rape isn't about sex, it's about power and the sooner that people wake up to that the better. Small minded people seem to have all the power. yours truly, Bill.

At 2/25/2006 07:16:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


At 2/25/2006 12:55:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Got to agree Esben.

I always felt that women are our better half. When allowed to speak freely they tend to civilize our (males) aggressive nature. Looking at the Islamic world only solidifies this belief in my mind.


At 2/27/2006 06:59:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

*Iranian women are the most liberated in the world infidel ! We have kind regard for them and have relieved all need for them to think, work and be seen. No man looks at them as they do your strumpets A.K., our women are Iranian citizens and nothing more, do you understand that ? never will they be thought of in the lustful ways of your infidel decadent and soon to be destroyed blasphemous way of life. They are not women, they are subservient to their husbands/fathers, the one true G*d and the supreme Islamic Council. Oh, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad says have a nice day !*

Yes, and we have seen how the Iranians like to hang their women from trees and lamp-posts. Now they have sentenced a teenager to death for killing a man who tried to rape her and her cousin. Yes, you have nothing but 'kind' regard for your women.


At 3/10/2006 04:12:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


As a young woman living in New Zealand, I do not at all condone people who threaten ANY living creature, but is Deeyah that naive?

I have just watched a segment on BBC about her - she appeared to be a very intelligent (and successful) young woman who made all sorts of claims about Muslim women and freedom, etc. However she seems a tad misled. Be honest Deeyah, the only reason you gyrate about in provocative clothing, bearing your body for the world to see, is that you want to sell your music - it comes with the territory. No one would be interested if you covered yourself up in a sheet, would they?

Take the blinkers off Deeyahg, show RESPECT to your religion and your elders. It's going to take a quite a few generations for Muslims to accept being as liberal as we are in the Western world.

Maybe if you were honest and admitted that you have to push your music, via music videos using your body as temptation, then perhaps people wouldn't harass you.

As they say in the entertainment industry, bad publicity is better than no publicity at all, but is it really worth your life?

At 3/23/2006 05:39:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hope u idiots dont believe what u see on tv. You misunderstand The religion of Islam. Whatever you see arab men or the taliban do is what u think our religion supports? Muslim women arent forced by religion to wear a hijab they are forced by men to wear it. The religion does say though that one should dress modestly so showing skin or wearing tight clothing isnt wut the religion is looking for. Alot of arab men force women to dress in the hijab, but u must also remember there are sum women who make their own decision to wear the hijab themselves. The west looks at middle eastern women and says they need to be liberated, jus think the middle esatern women could be looking at the women of the west and be thinking "sluts". Jus sumthin to thikn about. Try learning about the religion or talkin to sumone who knows about it before u judge it.

At 3/24/2006 05:41:00 PM, Blogger Safiyyah said...

As Salaamu Alaikum: The "Muslim Madonna" was on CNN tonight talking about the same stuff as in your post. Seeking more publicity?! Anyhow, after reading some comments to this post, and as a sister who covers with hijab, I need to say that sisters cover to obey Allah (swt), not imams, husbands, mullahs, etc. But I guess (or hope) most Muslims know this. It makes me sad ... if Muslims choose not to follow the deen, they don't have to down or make fun of those who do. Nice blog, brother!

At 3/24/2006 07:16:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I dont believe she should be referred to as a Muslim at all...I honestly believe it is your choice how you decide follow your religion but once your leave its path this far and do something that actually disrespects it you should expect to offend some of the more fundamental followers of the religion. By the way to one of the other commenters on this page, I am married to a Muslim man , I have not yet converted but have very much considered but am taking it slowly to think it over carefully because it is a serious decision but you should know..MEN do not force their women to cover this is done by women who choose to follow their relgion the way they have interperted it to be followed the way it is stated in the Quran. SOme women choose not to do this. That is their decsion but the women that do cover should be looked at with respect not as being oppressed. Yes in some countries it is force but who is more oppressed... the woman who feels she cant step out of the house without hours of makeup and clothing changes for fear of being ugly and to fat or the woman who is covered and treated with respect as a woman and not an object of lust.

At 3/27/2006 09:28:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Muslim women choose to be wear a Burqa in the Desert? They choose to be excluded from education? The choose to beaten for the smallest of reasons? I can't see how any human would decided to be treated in such a way on their own. If you wish to convert, remember, it's forever or death. Do you recall a problem a man is having in Afghanistan recently, seems the want to behead him. A little barbaric don't you think?

Let the woman sing and to wear what SHE wants, not what some desert rat wants her to.

At 3/27/2006 11:32:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Deeyah, Allah be praised, you're beautiful just as you are. Keep up the good work. I hope many other young muslim girls can follow your shining example. You rock our kaaba!!!

At 3/27/2006 02:30:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

If this is what Muslim women look like under their robes I say lets see them all disrobe. Fuck what the Muslim men say, they're the root of all evil on this planet.


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