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Friday, January 14, 2005

Abbas' first test!

It seems that Hamas and other palestinian terrorist organizations are not happy with their new status of being considerd "irrelevant" by the majority of the palestinians who participated in the elections and voted for Abbas. Unable to accept( or perhaps angry cause of) the reality that people are sick of them, they chose to act out by conducting a bombing and shooting attack that left 6 israeli workers dead. You would expect the "blood thirsty"Israelis to retaliate harshly, but surprisingly they are not retaliating at all: Israeli Justice Minister Tzipi Livni suggested Friday that Israel would give Abbas, widely known as Abu Mazen, more time to deal with the militants. "In order to try to prevent the next attack, we have to try and strengthen Abu Mazen as a leader, based on the assumption that he can control the terror groups," Livni told Israel Army Radio, adding that Israel would draw the line at endangering its security. But..but.. they were supposed to attack the palestinians and cause a big stink, thus making Abbas look bad and alligning the majority of palestinians with Hamas again! Why aren't they doing that? What the hell are those sneaky jews up to this time? In response to the attack, Israel indefinitely closed the Karni crossing, through which goods flow in and out of the fenced-in coastal strip. The Israeli military had eased checking at the crossing in recent weeks to cut down on waiting periods, and had extended opening hours. A second Gaza crossing, for Palestinian travelers, was closed last month after an attack there killed five Israeli soldiers. In an ironic twist, it seems that the attacks may have led to the opposite reaction that Hamas was hoping for: The closures mean Gaza is now largely cut off, and the renewed hardships hit Palestinians just a week before a major Muslim holiday, Eid al-Adha, a time for shopping and family visits. Many Palestinians, exhausted after more than four years of fighting, were complaining privately about the militants' targeting crossings. The Terrori..sorry..Militants reaction: Sami Abu Zuhri, a Hamas spokesman, said the attack "was a message to the Israeli enemy, definitely not to Abu Mazen." He said meetings with Abbas would resume soon "to organize the Palestinian house." The top Hamas official in the West Bank, Hassan Yousef, said the group is ready to suspend attacks as part of a deal with Abbas. Asked about Thursday's attack, Yousef said Hamas had freedom of action as long as there is no agreement. However, other Hamas officials have adopted a harder line. On Wednesday, Mahmoud Zahar, a top Hamas leader in Gaza, said Hamas has no plans to disarm, and Abbas has no authority to order an end to attacks on Israel. Yep, those boys and ..ehh..boys seem really unified in their attitude towards Abbas, altough it seems like they are trying to commit some sort of political blackmail. They know they are not as ligetimate as he is right now, and therefore they have no bargaining power against him..well..except killing people. He is supposed to negotiate with them, in order for them to stop killing people and making life miserable for their fellow palestinians. you know, using the same modus operati of thugs and gangsters. Now the question remains, What will Abbas do? Well, as i pointed out before here, Abbas has said he will not use force against militants and instead will offer to give Hamas a say in decision-making. That was before the elections and before the attack. Time to change the tune Abbas. Time to kick some ASS! Do not negotiate with them, cause if you give them a hand, they will take the whole arm. Offer them a finger instead Abbas, the middle one preferably! Abbas, for the sake of the region, please crack down on them and take them all out. Please prove me wrong about you!


At 1/14/2005 07:22:00 AM, Blogger Tsedek said...

You think Abbas would have enough support from the people in the street to get away with that? Arafat has made Palestinian thinking "no diversion" in the Palestinian House as a way of life. I think the Palestinians would see cracking down on terrorists more like betraying the "national thought" to stick together - no matter what.
Apart from that: I agree with you, that this is exactly what he should do, in order to create an opening to a more hopeful future for both the Israeli's, but certainly for the Palestinians - on whom's misery the terror-organizations thrive.

At 1/14/2005 08:21:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

I agree tsedek, but he has to take that risk. I think the majority of palestinians would support him if he did police Hamas himself instead of having Israel attack the whole neighbourhood. ya know?

and btw Warum schreibst du in dutch und nicht in englisch? Ich Kann es nicht verstehen! Bitte schreib noch ein mall in englisch oder deutsch, weil ich will was du schreibst lehsen!

At 1/14/2005 05:13:00 PM, Blogger Tina said...

I don't know who he's going to control the thugs if he doesn't use some kind of force. I so hope tht Abbas has a backbone, because it's time the people actually had a leader who cares about them.

At 1/14/2005 08:38:00 PM, Blogger Twosret said...

The game of Israel power (hide and seek) with the Palestinian Liberation Organization. Same shit but different day. Same B.S. but different leader.

Israel has violated more than 80 UN Security Council Resolutions and hundreds of General Assembly Resolutions. This has led many to believe that there is a double standard applied by the US and the international community in favor of Israel and until we address Israel's violations of international law, peace will never be achieved.

The Arab states have, in the past, made several peace offers to Israel, all of which have been rebuked. For example, last year, the Arab states offered Israel peace, security and normalized relations with the Arab world in exchange for an end to Israel's military occupation. Rather than accept the offer, Israel, further invaded Palestinian areas, killed hundreds of Palestinians, destroyed thousands of homes and prohibited humanitarian aid from reaching Palestinians. Rather than end the occupation, they continued it.

For 36 years, Israel has not allowed the Palestinians to live in freedom in their own territory, which has meant that virtually all aspects of Palestinian life are controlled by Israel and Israeli soliders. At the same time, Israel has, for 36 years, continued to steal Palestinian land and build more and more Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian land. These settlements are illegal under international law, constitute a war crime and are also illegal under US law.

Many people in Hamas do NOT call for the elimination of Israel but seek only an end to Israel's 36-year military occupation. Others, however, do hold some of the views that you state. However, none of these individuals is in the Palestinian Authority or the PLO. They are opposition groups; not groups in the government.

On the other side, there are many Israeli political parties that call for the elimination and/or ethnic cleansing (also called 'transfer') of the Palestinians. Some of these groups are also in the government. For example, 18 of the 23 Israeli Cabinet ministers represent parties that expressly reject the rights of the Palestinians. Rabbi Oveida Yosef, the spiritual leader of Shas, one of the larger political parties in Israel, has called for the "annihilation of the Palestinians." These are not isolated extremists, but represent the views of many within the right-wing in Israel. So, while the Palestinian extremist groups operate in the opposition, Israeli extremist groups are part of the government.
Israel has tried to stop Hamas. Israel has the largest army in the Middle East, it has Apache helicopters, F-16s and tanks. With all of this weaponry, Israel has FAILED to stop Hamas and yet, the Palestinian Authority, which does not have an army, much less all of the sophisticated weaponry that Israel has, is somehow expected to stop Hamas. It is time for people to understand that this is not a military conflict - it is a political one and until we address the root causes of why Hamas exists, we will never be able to stop their actions. The root cause is Israel's 36-year military occupation and denial of justice.

I believe that when Israel steps back and recognizes that it cannot have peace and occupation at the same time, that it will end its occupation. Israel cannot demand peace and security for itself, while denying peace, security and freedom to another people.

If Israel really wants to neutralize Hamas, it will do so by removing Hamas's support base - and its support base is the 36-year military occupation that has denied Palestinians their freedom.

It is important to understand Hamas it is NOT a military conflict. Hamas is not an "army" that can be defeated. Israel has attempted to defeat Hamas through military force and has FAILED. As I mentioned above, Israel has the largest army in the Middle East and cannot stop suicide bombings. This is because this is a POLITICAL conflict; not a military one. As such, only when we address the POLITICAL side of the conflict will we be able to move forward. Hamas gets it support because, for 36 years, Israel has denied the Palestinians their freedom and the world has done nothing to stop Israel's military occupation. Hamas's support dropped significantly during the period of the Oslo peace process because the Palestinians were promised (and believed) that by 1999 they would be free and no longer living under Israel's military rule. That is why, from 1997 to 2000 not a single Israeli died of a suicide bombing inside of Israel - support for Hamas had dropped significantly.
Today, Palestinians have learned many lessons. They see that Israel's ongoing occupation is not going to end; that Israel has killed over 2300 Palestinian civilians; that Israel has demolished thousands of Palestinian homes and that while everyone is focused on violence that Israel continues to steal Palestinian land to build Jewish-only settlements on Palestinian territory. Palestinians do not believe that they will be free any time soon. They also learned that during the "peace process" Israel used that period to build more and more Jewish-only settlements and are now skeptical of any peace process. As a result, support for Hamas - a group opposed to negotiations - continues to gain support because Israel has not demonstrated that it is interested in giving the Palestinians their freedom; it has only demonstrated that it is willing to continue to oppress them.

The PA is trying to convince Hamas to stop suicide bombings and is also trying to convince Israel and the US that for true security to come, that the Palestinians will need to be free.

The PA does not have a military and/or police force. Israel systematically destroyed the force over the course of the past 2 years. It is absurd that Israel continues to blame the Palestinians for not "cracking down" when it is Israel that has destroyed the PA police force. How absurd!

At 1/14/2005 09:31:00 PM, Blogger Twosret said...


To make it even easier more to understand I will use your Egyptian proverb "neqool tor yeqoolo EHLEBOOH"

At 1/15/2005 11:54:00 PM, Blogger Twosret said...

"But..but.. they were supposed to attack the palestinians and cause a big stink, thus making Abbas look bad and alligning the majority of palestinians with Hamas again! Why aren't they doing that? What the hell are those sneaky jews up to this time?"

spoke too soon Sandmonkey...those Israelis prove you wrong didn't they?. They isolate Abbas first and boycott him. Then they retaliate killing 8 Palestinians (Children involved).

You have a long way to go when it comes to the Israeli politics led by Sharon.

At 1/16/2005 04:59:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...


I am actually planning on writing a post about that, but i see you beat me to the punch. Oh well, i will write it anyway!

At 1/16/2005 07:20:00 AM, Blogger The Sandmonkey said...

Post is up Twosret. It's called Things fall apart!

Awaiting your comments!


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