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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Iran's victory on....National Geographic?

Ok, this is way too absured and funny, which makes it perfect as the post that will end my two days hiatus. Apparently, Iran was really really really pissed off when the magazine referred to the Persian Gulf as the Arabian Gulf. How pissed off you ask? Check it out: In November Iran banned the prestigious magazine and barred its reporters and photographers from visiting the Islamic republic after National Geographic's new atlas referred to the strategic stretch of water between Iran and the Arabian peninsula as "Persian Gulf (Arabian Gulf)". In addition, the atlas also referred to three Gulf islands - Abu Moussa and Greater and Lesser Tomb - as "islands occupied by Iran and claimed by the United Arab Emirates". Iran has controlled the islands since 1971. But following a string of fiercely patriotic protests from Tehran and Iranians residing in the US, National Geographic relented by carrying an online update to the atlas. The correction removes the name "Arabian Gulf" and points out to readers that "the name primarily used for this gulf throughout history has been The Persian Gulf, even though some call it The Arabian Gulf". It also removes the reference to the disputed islands. During the map row, the Iranian government warned that it "will act against any media" using the term "Arabian Gulf". And because of their success at convincing National Geographic to change the name, the Iranian foreign minister anounced that it was a "victory for every Iranian"! Gotta love Iran!


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