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Thursday, January 27, 2005

VolksWagen "Teerrorist" commerical update!

A while ago i posted about a fake VW commerical that involved a terrorist blowing himself up. The commercial, which i and everyone i know found to be extreemly funny by the way, apparently "offended" some people who thought it was politically incorrect to show a terrorist who doesn't kill people. So V.W. , afraid of getting sued by some liberal crybaby, decided to take action first and sued the poeple who made the fake commerical. Volkswagen is to take legal action against the mystery duo who made the controversial suicide bomber short film that apparently shows an Arab blowing himself up in a Polo car. After a week of prevarication, the car giant has decided to go ahead and sue the people behind the advert on the grounds that it was damaging its reputation around the world and falsely linked the VW with terrorism. But...but.. it wasn't linking VW to terrorism, it was linking VW to stopping terrorism. And it was FUNNY. Whatever happend to having a sense of humor? Jesus.. However, it maybe that fate has enough sense of humor to balance V.W. lack therof . It seems that the V.W. lawsuit is facing a minor snag: they can't seem to find the people who made the commercial. But the company privately admitted that it cannot locate Lee and Dan, the London based advertising creative partnership who dreamed up the film, which has been seen around the world via the internet. "We are prepared to pursue the two individuals but need to locate them to ensure the success of our legal claim," the company said in a private memo, details of which have been obtained by MediaGuardian.co.uk. Serves them right! Go Lee & Dan!


At 1/27/2005 09:25:00 PM, Blogger Od1kenob said...

If anyone ever finds Lee and Dan they will have no shortage of business from the rest of the world that still has a sense of humor. I hope to see more from these guys. I'm not sure VW is helping itself any in trying to prosecute the makers. How can the company that made "Herbie" lose it's way? Sad.

At 1/27/2005 11:45:00 PM, Blogger Mike H. said...

That has to be the best commercial that I have ever seen. I would buy one of the cars if they were sold here. I'm glad that VW can't find the two. I have faith in VW. Heh.

At 11/03/2005 12:20:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...


Either 'because of' or 'despite' the VW Polo spoof ad . . .Volkswagen AG, Europe's biggest car maker, said Thursday its third-quarter net profit tripled from last year .

Shouldn't bite the hand that feeds you . . .eh? Lawsuit? They should hire them!


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