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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Free Martha Stewart!

Are you a Martha Stewart Fan? Do you feel depressed, dejected and that life is unfair because Martha is in jail and you had no idea what to do about Christmass dinner this year? Well, my friend, i cam bearing good news for you. There is an organization that is dedicated to freeing the sheet-folding goddess and its website is right here! And just so u know how serious and dedicated they are to freeing your opressed hero, they have purchased space on a man’s body to bear a “Save Martha” tattoo. Behold the uplifting power of an eBay transaction: Here’s a heads up on something new we are doing prior to Martha Stewart’s release from jail at SaveMartha.com. We won a permanent tattoo for Martha Stewart on Ebay. Here’s the latest: Long Islander Joe Tamargo is heading to Cliff’s Tattoo & Body Piercing at 394 New York Ave. in Huntington Village this Thursday at 1PM to get the first permanent Save Martha tattoo. We will be capturing the moment on video so we can share it with all of Martha’s fans online. It cost us an arm and a leg, but having a piece of body art done for Martha is worth it. The tattoo will be on Joe’s right arm, and will say “Save Martha! Sign the petition to pardon Martha Stewart! SaveMartha.com” Awwww! Folks, isn't this the most heartwarming thing you have ever seen? I mean, now that they have this tattoo on this guy, it will be visible to..ehh..dozens of people who will suddenly become aware of Martha's Plight and sign the petition so that President Bush can pardon her! Food for thought: Martha will be out in 39 days, but a Tattoo....a Tattoo is FOREVER!


At 1/25/2005 06:55:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Why would I want a free Martha Stewart? Can you imagine the upkeep on maintenance on her? No thanks, not a bargain ,even gratis..


At 1/25/2005 07:27:00 PM, Blogger NBS said...

WHO CARES??????????? not me, she did something wrong and now she is paying for it by being in jail. Just because she is well known, a female, and has done a few good things, thats doesnt mean she is outside the law. White coller crime, i think they should be treated a lot worse, they get off easy. i would of put the bitch in there for 5 years, and then she how much it is like her old school hahahahaha.


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