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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Domestic Disturbance

After legalizing Gay marriages, the MP's in Spain- who apparently have nothing better to do with their times- are tackeling another marriage Issue: Gender equality in household Chores. MPs in Spain have drawn up a marriage contract for use in civil ceremonies which obliges men to share household chores and the care of children and elderly family members. The new law, which will be introduced this summer in Spain, promises a revolution in a country where nearly half of all men admit to doing no housework at all. [...] The contract he will sign at his civil wedding ceremony this September will oblige him - by law - to share domestic responsibilities with his partner. Failure to do so will affect the terms of a divorce settlement, should he ever find himself in that position. [...] A number of women's rights groups in Spain say they oppose the housework law because it belittles the issue of sexual equality, making it laughable. Almudena Rodriguez del Llano, a spokeswoman for the group Women for Democracy says: "This law is ridiculous and impossible to enforce. "What is a woman going to do if her husband doesn't help her at home? March to the local police station and report him? You can just imagine the expression on the faces of the officers on duty, can't you?" Needless to say I agree with the femenists here (wow, imagine that!) : I think this law is stupid, allows too much government intrusion, and will almost be impossible to enforce. If anything, as Beth has said here, it will probably cause marriages in Spain to decrease drastically. Straight marriages that is. Wait, could that be their aim? Increasing Gay marriages and decreasing straight marriages? Hmm........... Good Job Spain. Truly excellent work! LOL


At 7/03/2005 01:20:00 PM, Anonymous Tina said...

This is a joke, right? What are they going to do next, pass a law that you can only legally use 4 squares of toilet paper?


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