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Thursday, August 11, 2005

Death by videogames

A South Korean man died of heartfailure after playing videogames for more then 50 hours straight. To say that the man was obssessed, ehh, well, I guess that would be considerd an understatement. Lee had planted himself in front of a computer monitor to play on-line games on Aug. 3. He only left the spot over the next three days to go to the toilet and take brief naps on a makeshift bed, they said. "We presume the cause of death was heart failure stemming from exhaustion," a Taegu provincial police official said by telephone. Lee had recently quit his job to spend more time playing games, the daily JoongAng Ilbo reported after interviewing former work colleagues and staff at the Internet cafe. Guess one can never say after today that playing videogames for long periods of time can't kill you. Rats. There goes my excuse.


At 8/11/2005 07:13:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah, but at least he died doing what he loves, right?


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