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Friday, September 09, 2005

Mullah: Women with breast cancer are whores!

The always interesting Z. has an article about a Pakistani Mullah who claims that the reason why women get breast cancer is because they are morally loose. Nope, not kidding! A few months ago, during Friday prayers, a cleric (mullah) here said that women are becoming morally loose, and that is why they are getting breast cancer--and he said that’s also why breast cancer is common in the U.S. and in Europe. He said sexual desire results in breast cancer. He said he was going to publish a pamphlet containing his ideas, and people here in the North West Frontier Province consider the word of the mullah as God’s word.” “Some doctors here--including one who teaches at the local medical college also believe that breast cancer is something that happens to morally loose women.” Read the whole thing and try not to puke!


At 9/09/2005 04:47:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hear that ladies? Your breast cancer is divine punishment, so sayeth the mullah.


/ingorant dumb ass


At 9/09/2005 04:50:00 AM, Blogger CEP said...

A dear lady I know who was faithfully married to the same man for 53+ years who has breast cancer would no doubt take exception to the mullah. Of course, since she's a Southern lady, she probably would explain herself in genteel terms...but since her four sons are Southern men, they'd probably want to track down this idiot and shoot him.

At 9/09/2005 05:15:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

why bother yourself with pakistani sheikhs? they are living a millennia in the past.

At 9/09/2005 02:00:00 PM, Blogger Chimera said...

SM -- I want to post this myself, but I cannot find a link that will give me a copy of the original piece. do you have a link you can post?

One of the reason I am so interested in this is because in Canada, one of the provinces is about to vote on whether or not to allow sharia law to become part of our legal system. If this happens, more women are going to suffer and die needlessly.

I want to let people know how dangerous this would be, but I need proof that I can point to...

At 9/09/2005 08:15:00 PM, Blogger Louise said...

Well. I'd be interested in learning the Mullah's theory about prostate cancer.

At 9/09/2005 08:15:00 PM, Blogger Louise said...

And testicular cancer.

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