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Saturday, February 18, 2006

Libya-Italy crisis round-up

The Italian Minister who printed the cartoons on a T-shirt refused to apologize or resign, saying that he can not be blamed for the death of 11 libyans and an attack on the embassy over wearing a T-shirt, and then he resigned anyway. Libya, on the other hand, decided to fire its interior minister, not for failing to stop the demonstrators from burning down the embassy, but for applying deadly use of force against them. "Security Minister Nasr Mabrouk has been suspended from his duties and taken before an investigating magistrate," read a statement from the general secretariat of Libya's parliament on Saturday.

"The protest was a mistake and the police intervention against the demonstrators was an even bigger mistake," Islam said.

He should've let them burn the embassy down then? He probably just means they should'nt have used live ammunition then. That doing that was a mistake. Yeah, that's probably it!


At 2/18/2006 04:31:00 PM, Blogger Suzanne said...

aaaaaaaand,... 16 more people died in Nigeria, due to the cartoon unrest. Demonstraters set ablaze churches and attacked christians.


When does this madness end?

At 2/18/2006 05:53:00 PM, Blogger marin_explorer said...

Nigeria: 16 dead.
for a cartoon.

Man...how does this possibly help their case?
Talk about misplaced frustration!
Or should I say complete tools for politics?

At 2/18/2006 07:36:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am a secular Christian hating Islamofascism and I agree with almost all your opinions, but here I disagree. If there are no people inside the embassy, I think police should better let it burn than use lethal force to protect it. Humans are more important than buildings. I am entirely pro-freedom of expression, but I am sorry for the lives lost in this affair and I appeal to Muslim fundamentalists: Please stop getting killed!
Maya Markova, Sofia, Bulgaria

At 2/20/2006 05:36:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Sorry, can't be done. An embassy is considered to be part of the country to which it is attached and is sacrosanct. When WPC Yvonne Fletcher was murdered by someone from inside the Libyan embassy in London the British government allowed the staff to leave after 11 days due to the old 'diplomatic immunity' agreement. Contrast that with the American embassy embassy in Tehran. My point is simply that some people believe in principles and others have no concept which is why their governments have orchestrated this shit in the first place. every dog has its day.


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