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Friday, February 17, 2006

The Bird Flu has reached Egypt

They admitted it. Fantastic. Watch the prices of chicken as they take a dive! Update: Here is the english link. Egypt confirmed it had detected the first cases of bird flu in the country, saying they involved the highly pathogenic form of the H5N1 virus, a government spokesman announced.

Magdi Radi said six cases had been detected in the greater Cairo area and one in the southern governorate of Minya, 250 kilometres (155 miles) south of the capital.

"The first positive laboratory tests for the seven cases came in at around 3:00 am (0100 GMT) on Friday," he said on state television.

He added that officials received "the first positive analysis of samples infected with the H5N1 virus" on Thursday, but only confirmed them later.

"The seven cases were the first registered in Egypt and all involved poultry raised at homes and not on farms," Radi said.

He said "it was also confirmed that there were no cases of infections among the citizens."


Two people from the village were admitted to hospital after examinations revealed fever symptoms, an AFP correspondent said.

Ok, so we have cases of Bird Flu in Upper Egypt and greater Cairo that we detected, which probably means there are more. Knowing how transperent and honest our government is, I can only guess it's probably 10x worse. Hmmm... Guess I am sticking to My mad cow disease Burgers for a while.



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