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Sunday, July 03, 2005

Putting the Egyptian government on Trial!

You know, because of things like this, that my admiration for Egyptian Judges grows day by day: Egypt's judges have challenged the official results of a 25 May referendum on poll reform, saying the vote had been marred by widespread fraud. The judges' syndicate said official returns showing more than 80% support for controversial government-proposed ground rules for Egypt's first competitive presidential elections this September were rigged. "Ninety-five per cent of polling stations were supervised by civil servants, who were intimidated by police, and were the scene of fraud," concluded the nine-page report, excerpts of which were published in the Al-Masri Al-Yom newspaper on Saturday. The syndicate, which groups about 8000 judges, said it had been able to supervise barely 5% of Egypt's 54,530 polling stations and noted huge discrepancies in turnout between those where its representatives had been present and those where they had not. "In the polling stations supervised by judges, turnout was low - in some cases not a single voter showed up, while in many others, turnout did not surpass 3%," the report said. "In polling stations supervised by civil servants, turnout was in excess of 90% and even reached 100% in some cases," it said. "This would imply that not one voter had died since the registers were last updated a year ago and that not one voter was unable to cast his ballot because he was sick, travelling or simply lazy." This is good new, because it says to the world what we have been saying for weeks: The refrendum results were fraudulant. I have said it before, the math just doesn't make sense! And if we let them get away with it, then the actual election will be rigged as well, and you can kiss the dream of egyptian democracy goodbye. The forgery will go on. And you know what? This is exactly why under the new law egyptian ex-pats or those living outside of Egypt will not be allowed to cast their votes: You can't pull the shit they pull in polling statsions here outside of Egypt. In other countries there will be no voter intimidation and there will be actual supervision of the electoral process. With 5 million egyptians living abroad, this scares the egyptian government shitless: Those are educated egyptians, used to living in democracies, and who left this country because of what this government has been doing to it, especially the egyptian copts who left this country escaping persecution. They surely wouldn't vote for another term of Mubarak or his son or any of his cronies, and they would most definitely expose the elections in egypt for the farce that it is, when the supreme majority of them will vote against Mubarak, while the government here will claim that the supreme majority did vote for him and that the election were not rigged at all. Not to mention, with that many uncontrolled votes, Mubarak or whomever other NDP candidate might actually lose the elections, and they can't have that now can they? Sigh..


At 7/03/2005 09:56:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I just heard on righttalk radio about an Egyptian here in the U.S. (Illinois) is attempting to run. Obviously won't win, but will be interesting to see if he'll be allowed to do it.

At 7/03/2005 10:15:00 AM, Anonymous Me, Myself and I said...

Yaay for our Judges..this has been in the brewing for a while and there were statments re the rigging of the ref but i suppose they just released their report (those of the Judges' club) ..it will be interesting to see how all this play out..the judges sent an ultimatium re the mointoring of the upcoming elections- if they are not given broader responsibility and mandate of the election process, and the law governing the judiciary is not amended then they will refrain, thereby rendering the elections unconstitutional..hum..the Parliament is not going to review the law of the judicary during this session-suppose these guys are too tired yaing and naying ready made laws and need their break - so does this meant that they will carry out their ultimatium??? probably the regime will try to strike a deal-they have been attempting to create divide between the Jugdes club and the Supreme judicial council..But i must say, rigging of elections has been the specialitiy of this regime..what difference does it make now..is this regime accountable to anyone (Prez Mubarak aslan said that his reforms are neither in response to local or international pressures--ra'geel besaheh...)it is such a thick skinned regime that it really fuckups and at the back of their mind they feel they can get away with it--so do they give a damn or don't they?? But that does not mean that there is no value in such reports, or planned election monitoring by local groups..it is good to keep the pressure--won't yield free and fair elections this round, and probably not the next one..but pushing the evelope is very important. And just a note re the akbaat el Mahjaar -it has been my experience that most if not all of my coptic friends, acquiantences and colleagues wants to see either Papa Doc or baby doc in power (and before anyone jumbs at my neck this does not mean that they are less partriotic or nationalist)...they are very apprehensive of what change might bring by..i am aware of the issues raised by akbat el mahjar (persecution is a strong word i use discrimination rather...call me anal or whatever) but maybe in-country copts feel a different way than akbat el mahjar.


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