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Sunday, January 30, 2005

Absurd post of the day: Secretary rice's cousin and the size of Bush's package!

Here comes a piece of news you don't hear everyday: Apparently, Condi has a drag Queen cousin, who she is naturally ashamed of, yet manages to inform him(her) of all kinds of sexual details: Like, how she is really a lesbian, yet her and Bush are sexbuddies and not to mention the size of Bush's..ehh..package: So here it is, la familia "T" for all the world to know: Condolezi Rice is my cousin, and actually she’s my first cousin. Until she got involved with the president she was basically a non sexual dyke. Wound too tight and way too brittle, more so than any brittle blonde i know. Thats why she's remained a lesbian virgen, but she is definitely bumping bush with Mr. Dub. Who I’ve heard from reliable sources doesn’t have a very large penis but does have a giant mushroom headed knob. Both Diane "I Am a Man" Feinstein and Barbara Boxer were too lenient with Condi during the senate hearings, at least Babs challenged her, but not enough for it to count. That was..ehh..more then i have ever felt comfortable or wanted to know about Bush's private Life. The thing about him and Condi is most probably a lie, but it makes one hell of a mental picture when you think about it. Ohh yeah, and as for physical resemblence between condi and her cousin Vaginal Davis (that's the name, no joke), check out the following pics: They are practically seperated at birth!


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