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Thursday, January 27, 2005

Hint to the US state department : Make the Bin Laden bounty higher!

Sometimes i wonder if the US government is really interested or is really serious when it comes to capturing Bin Laden. I mean the man has been on the run for more then 3 years now and they still havn't captured him. The fact that the bounty on his head is 25 million doesn't really help either, because whoever is gonna tip off the US and get the bounty is likely to sepnd the rest of his life hiding from people who are very fond of decapitating people just for being "american" and they consider it business as usual. Can you imagine what they will do to that guy who will hand over Bin Laden? I dunno about you, but i think they may get just a little peeved about it. And those people decapitate people for fun, can you imagine how they are like when they are angry? 25 million isn't even close to justify the kind of risk that person would be undertaking. So what's the State department's answer to that problem? Mounting a publicity blitz and maybe raising the bounty up to 50 million dollars. Cause you know, whoever didn't sell him out for 25 million, is likely to think it over now that the bounty may become 50 Million. Is ANYBODY HOME? A nedia Blitz won't accomplish anything. I doubt if there is anybody on this planet who havn't heard the name Bin Laden by now or doesn't know how he looks like. What will the media Blitz accomplish besides putting up a show for people that "you are trying" to capture the man? You are better off using the media blitz money in beefing up that bounty, cause people, 50 million is still not enough to get a Osama loyalist to betray his leader. Think about it, his people have no problem with dying to kill you, you think this kind of faith and conviction comes cheap? A person who will be that close to Bin Laden must be a serious believer with serious faith in the cause. 50 Million dollars aren't enough to convince a fanatical believer to give up his leader, especially if he knows that he will be spending at least half of it in security expenses. The Amount has to be more then that, much much more then that, in order to convince someone to betray his cause, convictions and leader. Raise the amount to 250 million and you may start getting somewhere. Hell, for 250 million more you would have arabs hunting his ass down voluntarily. Shit, i would hunt him down for that kind of money. I know what some of you may say, that 250- 500 million dollars may be just way too much money to pay to get this guy, but think about it this way. On 9/11, he killed more then 3000 americans. With the current bounty amount, the average 9/11 american casualty is worth less then 10,000 dollars, with the number rising slightly to approx 16 thousand per casualty if the bounty is raised to 50 million. Does that seems right to you? Is that how much you are worth? Are american lives that cheap? The state department seems to think so. At 250 million we are talking a little less then 100 grand per each casualty, which seems to be a slightly fairer rate if you ask me. Not to mention, capturing him will be worth every penny. This will be more then just getting one man, it will be about destroying a symbol for jihadist worldwide. That's - to quote mastercard commercials- freakin priceless! So , to the US state department i say, stop being wankers and raise the bounty at least 10 fold. A media blitz doesn't show that you are serious and isn't likely to get any results. A 250 million dollar bounty, on the other hand, is more likely to get the job done. So please, if you are serious about getting him, stop tinkering around and bring out the big bucks. That mofo has enjoyed his freedom for way way too long, it's time for that to end!


At 1/27/2005 05:30:00 PM, Blogger Tina said...

Actually, I think they ought to start cutting it. Now THAT would send a real message.

At 1/28/2005 06:57:00 AM, Blogger Kender said...

HHHmmmm...tina has a point but....I like the idea of 500 million. While I am here maybe VW can offer a reward for those fellow that made the commercial.

At 1/28/2005 01:10:00 PM, Blogger Kat said...

hhmmm...I can't tell which way I'd like to go. Maybe $1 billion and their own private island (we've got some of those somewhere, I'm sure), plus reconstructive surgery and a new name with their files burned immediately after.

Or..as Tina suggests, take it down $5mil each year he is free and not able to commit an attack on the US. Pretty soon, the guys who were considering it will think they had better get on the ball before he's worth shit. Or, worthless.


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