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Sunday, September 18, 2005

Sharon fears going to Britain

Because he may get arrested there for charges filed against him and other major israeli generals by a human rights group. Now, me wonders, why the hell isn't Ahmed Dinjad afraid of the same thing when he came to do his UN speech in New York? He could be arrested for being under suspicion of partaking in the US embassy hostage crisis, right? That would've been interesting, no?


At 9/18/2005 05:42:00 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

First, Sharon refered to how tough british prisons are known to be & it was said in a humourous matter in other words he doesnt fear getting arrested in the UK simply because it wont happen. Prime Ministers dont drop by on other countries to have a chat with Government officials unless he was invited & in any case that general that flew back for fear of arrest wont apply to the Israeli pm.
The Iranian new president wasnt an interrogator as some yanks claimed him to be as they got confused, it turned out the CIA said they dont believe he was involved in anything back then!
To arrest a head of state is different than arresting an army general which is an easier task, but the former is alot trickier.
Americans cannot arrest a head of state invited by the UN to make a speech as there are rules in the charter that prevents such an incident if i am not mistaken, all the yanks could have done was to refuse ahmednejad an entry visa as good old george schultz did back in the late 80's with arafat.


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